Dzine Solutions Placement.

Welcome to Plan Your Career

Budding professionals face questions such as: what do I want to be? What skills do I need? What course should I do? Where should I do it? 

Answers to your queries are now found in one place – Dzine Solutions’s Plan Your Career! Discover all the resources for a career in the engineering design domain at your fingertips and transform from a student to a professional! 

Dzine Solutions to support its students finding right job.

As the employment opportunity grew, we find the need for employment assistance for the fresh engineers; Dzine Solutions would be working with all the brands and the corporate across the country.

Our Goal

The primary goal of this initiative is to assist our students who need additional handholding to get employed. Dzine Solutions provide placement assistance, internship opportunities for our students. Dzine solution would become a true value addition to our students.

Our Placed Students

Selected Student Company Name Date of Joining
Hard work is the key to success.
Anshika Gupta Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd 6-February-2017
Aayush Pal ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 1-June-2017
Ankur Kumar ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 15-April-2017
Ravikar Singh ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 15-June-2017
Deepak Kumar ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 1-June-2017
Ashish Kumar Gautam ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 1-June-2017
Nadeem Ahmad ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 1-June-2017
Paras Dev ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 1-June-2017
Anmol Singh ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 1-June-2017
Rahul Yadav ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 1-June-2017
Vipin Yadav ManLift Pvt. Ltd. 1-June-2017
Sourve Dodwal UA Consultants Faridabad 30-May-2017